the locality in which the people receiving them
lived in the first instance. But in some
cases a gens - say the Brutidai - were
all living in a certain locality and
in such cases the local deme would
coincide at first with the gens or clan.
Thus say that the Fisons owned Essendon
+ that all the Essendonians were Fisonidae
with their slaves and alien retained.

Then s'pose Graham Berry were to take it into
his head to rearrange the Victorian society
for political purposes he might have
the Deme of Flemington, the deme
of Ascot Vale the Deme of Newmarket
and the deme of Fisonidae (ie the Essendonians)
(5) [Greek script] I find that in Liddell + Scott
they will have it that a Gennetes is a head
of a family + I cannot make out
what they mean by a family.

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