The Eupatrids +c are what may be called
for the sake of convenience "caste" divisions
though the term is dangerous + had better
be avoided in publication.

The Trittys naucraria + deme all belong
to the "local organization" though I have
no evidence that the first two were
arranged according to locality - probably
they were but I find no proof.

The festival of Apaturia must be looked
up. It was a religious festival of the Kin
not of the citizens.

[Greek script] - its coincidence with [Greek script] in
that species sense seems to confirm my view
previously expressed. As far as I can see
at present the [Greek script] were men who had
a vote in the [Greek script]. Children + youths
were [Greek script] only in prospectus. They belonged
to the [Greek script] but were not [Greek script].

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