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Languages Ngarego The word ngarego is the name of the language spoken by this tribe – the district name of the tribes men being Murring” = men. They called the language of the Theddora, Kŭ[n]dūng-orūr and that of Gippsland Kūng-ela. [Wild blacks were called Bŭdara -crossed out]

Yuin a lie = Bŭrnam-ganŭp or Moraian Smoke = tūnkū-milá Merriman

Yūin 1 = Mittŭng-ŭlla 2 = blageralea 3 = Balli-mŭrma 4 = Karoungial 5 = Yirkŭr 6 = Karŭng blageralla 10 = Ngaru mangal Charley Buipin

Braidwood tribe The language spoken is Tarawal. Ridley p. 94 says that the language at Pt Jackson is Turuwul- where tŭllŭng = tongue. at Bermagui, Moruya and Broulee the language is Wodthi-wodthi. Ridley says the language at Shoalhaven and Wollongong is wodi-wodi - p. 111

Maryborough The Booral language is known to all the triblets referred to Each tribelet varies slightly in its language (dialect) as you know a man's tribeled by [the - crossed out] peculiar [words-crossed out] words he uses. H.E. Aldridge.

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