XM187_ICDMS_lowres Hagenauer to Howitt 15 February 1880



Ramahyuck Febr 15th, 1880

W.A. Howitt Esq Sale

My dear sir,

I have some blue gums here at the station and am therefore able to give you the name from the blacks correctly as follows: Ballook - blue gum.

I also made careful inquiry about your other questions and can give you reliable information on question No. I. * When a baby was born by a native woman the navel string was not separated from the afterbirth under at least 4 hours when the string already showed signs of getting dry, then it was generally cut (not broken) with a shell from the rivers or creek. The navel string, after being cut was

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never tied up but turned a little upwards and covered with some arm cloth on fur skins. "Nothing else was done in the matter."

the question numbered 3 about the swinging bull at the operation of making boys or youths into men was unknown among those blacks who are here, so that I could get no reliable information on the subject.

With very kind regards Yours faithfully F.A. Hagenauer

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