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Ramahyuck May 1st 1880

Dear Mr. Howitt I received your note of the 26th ultimo in due time and called yesterday at your office at Sale, but didnot find you, so I give you the information about the name of the tribes mentioned, andhope when I see you to have a longer talk about it, for you seem not to have had any information on the subject.

I Tarrawarracka Tribe, or news of the Tarra family. lived at Port Albert, Tarraville, Alberton; in 1862 I found 17 still alive, but now there is only Jimmy Fetched and old Lamfrie's wife

Bellum Bellum - Woodside, Prospect and along the seacoast along Reeves Lake. Only alive now: Tommy Arnott and Albert Darby others are all dead. This was the tribe or family of old Morgan in 1862.

Woollum Wullum, Hilltop along the Latrobe as far as Rosedale; still alive Coleman, Lily - was old King Jimmy country.

Moona and Ngattbau - from Stratford down to Lake Victoria old Ngary's country.

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There is still another name for this locality, which you got here from old Emma and Louise when you was here. This name included Tom's Creek and of course old Kangaroo Jack's country Dighton

In my letters to Mr. Smyth in 1862 I omitted Bushy Park and Top plains (Bragolong) as I then thought all the four above families or tribes were included in the Bragolong or men of the West. I found, however, that there are a number of Blacks still left out:

Billy Wood - Edward -Mackay. The Clarks, Montgomery, but I suppose they should belong to those here or Toms Creek, all of them, however are the Bragolons. With best compliments, Yours truly F.A. Hagenauer

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