Mansfield, 3rd Octr 1881
A. W. Howitt Esq. P. M.

Dear Sir,
I very much regret that I am
unable to give you fuller information on the
points referred to in your first circular and
on those in yours of 26th last month.

I enclose such replies as I am able to give
regarding the Blanchewater blacks, but I can give
none about the blacks who formerly inhabited
this locality as they are all dead or gone away.

I saw Mr Chenery today and he said he
was doing all he could to assist you. Mr Thomas
also told me he would assist and
said he would call up some evening and get
me to put his replies in order, so far he has
not put in an appearance, but I intend to
remind him of his promise. I have
delayed replying to your circular of August

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