last till now owing to Mr Chenery having
borrowed the list to copy and only returning it
today. I return the circular with my
answers in order to avoid confusion, but, if
you do not require the former, I should like
to have them back again as I may be able
to pick up some information for you.

I propose trying to get a month's
leave of absence about the close of the year
to enable me to visit my mother in
South Australia, and, if I obtain it, shall
be very glad if I can execute any com-
mission there for you.

I do not feel sure of getting
the leave as I have no right to it, and
I dare not ask it yet as I am promised
promotion as soon as the Police Commission
sends in its report. The Hon. J. Graves told
me he would take care that my claim
for promotion was not forgotten, but
I often fear he will prove forgetful.

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