Telegraphic Address
Mallara Station
Wentworth, NSW

Sept 28th 1907

A W Howitt Esqr

Dear Sir
Yours of Sept 16th to hand I am
close to Police reports as to numbers of blacks in
Wentworth + Pooncarie districts
i.e numbers of blacks on the Lower Darling
in the original state. Old Mrs McLean of Polia
told me she had seen them 1200 strong going
down on their annual tour to Lake Victoria.
The blacks died off from small pox. The blacks
told me at that time they died so fast that
the living were not able to bury the dead a
great many died at another time from measles.
The Blacks at the Rufus + Lake Victoria I
have no idea but rumour says there was 700
killed at the fight on the Rufus of which
you no doubt know the particulars. I know
a Black named Warra wonna who what [sic] in the
fight. Question No. 3 you will see in the
Police reports. The blacks have seen to
have intermarried all round. There are or
was Lubras from Cobham Lake Mundi

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