Mungo Lake Victoria. I have three girls here
as house servants their father is a Darling Black
from Polia + mother a Murray Black .
I was much interested in your inaugural
address. I have read about Babbage and Warburton
H. Brookes [sic] who with Coulthardt [sic] and Willie Scott
were exploring on the Bede Creek and Brooks
+ Scott fell in with Babbage's party + got a pint
of water from him + saved their lives Coulthardt
perished Brooks was manager on Moorara for
years for my father. When I came on the
Darling in '64 Burke + Wills were fresh in peoples
memory and they did not speak well of Burke
as a bushman. I knew Wright he did 18 months
loaf at Culhero till he was or ordered off. Of
course you the story of Burke touching
Grey on the head with a revelover [sic]. William
is the oldest resident of Menindee
and might give you some information you
require. All the old Blacks are dead
that resided about here. I am suffering
from a bad attack of influenza which
makes my writing a bit shaky.
I am
Yours faithfully
Charles Barrett
P.S Warrego is the local name for Eagle Hawk

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