In the "Coonool Cabalchoo" tribe - negative "ganderr" (Dialect "Coobenpil") - "goom"
My father was "Buntay" - my mother "Cheranggan"
The boys would be Banjooroo
[ditto] girls [ditto] Banjoorean

The girls would marry Barrang
[ditto] boys [ditto] Barranggin

In the Gooneeburra ("fire blacks") tribe Darling Downs -negative "Wacca"
I was "Mooroon " (the emu) married to a "Terroine" (the
kangaroo) who became "Terroinggan" - Our children are
"Bemtahran". A "Terroine" married a "Mooroon" wife, who
becomes "Mooroonggan". Their children are "Pandoors" (the
opossum) Pandoors marry Pandoors + their children are

In "Nhulla" I was of the class"Dingal" the fish
eagle - in "Coobenpil", "Murree" the kangaroo. In Wacca
"Mooroon" the emu. At the time of my first interview with
the "Goondobarries", in 1868 there were only about 60 left. They
were a wild fierce fighting tribe addicted to cannibalism.

There is now but one man + one woman left. Lic transit
They spoke a dialect called "Nhulla", differing from all neighbouring
dialects. The negative was "goom, the yes - "yow". It contained
some words of "Cabbee" (Kabi) + some of "Coobenpil" & "Churrabool"

I give you one or two specimens

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