Oct 14th 1899

A. W. Howitt Esq
Dear Sir
I am in reply to your letter
of the 30th ulto. and I shall endeavour to give you the
information that you require, (1st) with respect to
food restrictions being removed after initiations +
Bora Ceremonies = in some cases they seem to be removed
immediatly [sic] after Bora Rites = But in the majority
of cases it is months before all food restrictions are
removed. So far as I could judge all Individual
Blacks who had received a certain number of names
had admittance to all food +c after ceremonies.
Some Blacks have four names, and the man able to
have three or four names is always proud of the same
+ he is held in great respect by the other men of his tribe
names amongst aboriginals denote accomplishment, such as
quick sight, good fighters, courage, Doctors +c
(2) Re frilled Lizzard [sic] I think with you that we have more
to learn on this matter. Seemed to me to mean that
the totem (Reptile) had some magical power + held to be.
connected with the unseen spirits (good). In the case of
the screach [sic] owl, (Dew Dew) or Dhu Dhu) the Black held it
could, if offended, call evil spirits around. Hence both
the totems were held in respect by the Individual and
hated by the majority of the Race. Apart from the exceptions
cases mentioned by me the Aboriginal has no objections to
killing or eating all food Totems or otherwise, for instance
a Wuthera=Obu carpet snake would tell you he was
going to eat his totem, a Banbu plain turkey would kill or eat
his totem.

Dear Howitt, I find that I had not enclosed this
to you (having mislaid it) I am rather ashamed

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