Rev. J.G. Reuther


Dear Sir,

I am much indebted to you for your interesting
letter of the 30th December and [little?] information which you
have been so good as to give me. I am however not
sure whether I fully understand your meaning.
[You say that In the first place I may mention that - crossed out] I have
[a long written list the word Dieri so ?? long that I do - crossed out]
[not take ?? ?? is, moreover it - crossed out] gives [what I - crossed out] the
[name as - crossed out]
(1) You say "It is not forbidden to the Diari to kill or eat
their respective mardu. Yet it is [per - crossed out] not permitted
in part in certain tribes on the Queensland Boundary". You then explain
the relation of pintara, the obligaton to take care that the
flesh of the respect murdu be not wasted or the bone
remain unburied +c.

Or these remarks refer to the Diari or the tribes
on the Queensland boundary? If the latter will you kindly
give me the names of the tribes referred to.

(2) Please to give me [literally?] the translation of Palkinja Kamandi
ngelbi - ngankana and of

I regret that Mr Siebert's address is not known as there
are two matters upon which I wished to consult him, -
Will you kindly permit me to submit them to you as
I [am- crossed out] wish to refer them in my book, which is now
gone to the printer.

(3) The Arunta according to Spencer + Gillen
believe that a child is the reincarnation of one of their
ancestors of the Alchurinya time. [No doubt - crossed out] Probably you have
read their work and know [??] referred to.

Can you tell me whether the Diari belief is [have the - crossed out]
same belief. I do not mean merely the [Diari of the - crossed out]
[??] of the Diari now living but also of those of the last generation.

(4) Mr Gason told me that only certain of the Diari
are made Kulpi & that to them all the important
[?men?] of the tribe was entrusted. Can you inform me
whether (say, think year ago - to what time was ? ? sep?)
that was the case. In the other tribe of the Lake Eyre
district who practise subincision (Kulpi or delpo) every male
appears to be subject to that rite.

I regret to appear troublesome but the
above questions are important for my book and that you will
pardon my giving you much trouble.

Notes and Questions

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Ashley-Montagu, M. F. (1937). The Origin of Subincision in Australia.
Oceania Vol. 8, No. 2 (Dec., 1937), pp. 193-207