Bethesda - [?Willelpansence?], [??] 13th October 1897

Dear Sir!

I received yours kindly letter from 6 Sept. and have
to thank you for the confidence you put in me
asking me for more information.

To day only I want shortly answer you on your other
questions. I [want - crossed out] an sorrow, that I can't write
English very well, because you might misunder-
stand me sometimes. I for myself am very interesting
too for those questions you [??] me for. As soon
as possible I will [?overmett?] you special tables
of the Dieri and the neighbouring tribes murdus
as well as some stories of the Mura Mura I

Here only few remarks to your questions.
(1) They call the classes "Materi" and "Kararu" as well
as "Woma", "Kanalka" by the name of "Murdu".
The word "witta" = "rank, range, order" seems not to
be used in connection with "Materi" and "Kararu",
used supposed first.

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