(2) There are no Murdus found, they can inter-
marry. For instance: A "Woma" or any "Keraru"
can marry in any "Materi" Murdu, he
might marry in all "Matteri Murdus" or
contraverso: any "Matteri" can marry in all
"Karara Murdus"; of course when the person he
want as his "noa" is not a nearer realtive to
him (The table will show it better).

The "Manyura murdu" is the same then the
"Kanayearu" murdu because: Kanangaru = the
seed of the "Manyura"

For the "Muluru" murdu the [sic] have another [??]
fication too - "pade" = the collective or family name
of ?Maluru", [??] = vermin.

10/ The "Yankawunta" murdu I collected all right
and I will you overmitt you those together with
some other tables.

11 Over this point I have to make more inquiries.
Here only hat factum, that the "Paranda" have
the same laws in the relationship as the Dieri,
and that they: [??] has just the same

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