[During- crossed out] In the preparation of the communication I have
received important information [from - crossed out] through the
courtesy of [the Secretar- crossed out] Mr R. H. Beardmore the Secretary
to the Board for Protection of Aborigines, in Sydney
The Superintendent of Police for the
Bourke District has forwarded two reports
[made to him as to the Kurnu amd Murawari - crossed out]
[tribes and one - crossed out] as to the Approximate number of
[Aborigines - crossed out] Full Blood and Half Caste Aborigines in the Bourke
District, the Kurnu, and the MÅ«rawari
tribes. [The essen These reports show that- crossed out]
[the decrease of the aborigine in the last - crossed out]
[ten years to have been from - crossed out]
It appears that the number of Aborigines ten
years ago [in the - crossed out] and since in the Bourke District were as follows:
1898 Full Blood Aborigines 824 Half Caste Aborigines 454
1907 [ditto] ditto 540 ditto 425
The Bourke District comprise an area of N. S. W.
[appr - crossed out] consisting of 24 counties and approximately to
one third of the area of the State ([which is 310, 700 square miles])
The county on the left Side of the Darling River
[was I th- crossed out] has II think been occupied for more than 50 years
while that on the right Side, [has - crossed out] to the Queensland border was
not occupied more than 45 years ago, when I travelled it [in search - crossed out] when searching for
the Burke + Wills expedition [I do think up - crossed out] The decrease
in the Aboriginal population was normally here greater during that
longer period of occupied by the whites, and I ccannot think that
the greater part of the Full blood Aborigines will be found in
the country north west of the Darling River - and the Queensland border

[written in left side margin]
Date of Report
'commitee' 14/8/07
re Kurnu
+ Murawari 14/9/07


[1907 - crossed out]
[54 - crossed out]

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