[column 1]

in that block of country
about Weilmaringle,
Tago Springs, Toneling
and Brenda, and
as she says they had
only one big water, the
These four places I
have mentioned, if
you look on a N.S.W.
travelling stock route
map, you will easily
see they, as I have said,
seem to enclose a
square block of land.
and most propably
my old Ipatha is correct

[column 2]

October 25 1907

My dear Mr Howitt

P S just received
word which you refer
to the conflicting report
as regards the tribe
of the "Moorawari"
I have been to see
my old Ipatha again
and she, as well as
another old "Goormoo"
woman, still maintaining
that when they were
children, the "Moorawari"
used to live

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