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Miss Benson
to make
the [??]

(1) Is there in the Morrawari or Guama tribe any practice
of "betrothal" that is the promising of a girl, perhaps when
an infant, to some boy or man?
(2) This leads up to a question to which I have been trying to find
a reply for a long time past. Which taking your informant
"Combo" - (or as I wrote the name Kumbo) - as an example of all the
"Matha" women, his contemporaries, would it be lawful
for him to have as his wife?
(3) I can best explain this by a diagram showing the
"marriage rule" of another tribe - the Dieri of Central Australia

1. (m) Matteri 2. (m) Kararu
3. (f) Kararu 4. (m) Matteri

In this tribe there are only two classes - Matteri and Kararu, and you
will [remember - crossed out] see that in my Kamilaroi diagram [I should - crossed out] (which I return)
(1) that there are also two classes Delbi and Kupathen. Now I
believe that Matteri is the equal of Delbi and Kararu of Kupathen
(3) Now - just as Delbi marries Kupathen and vice versa so Matteri and
Kararu intermarry. The marriage rule of the Dieri [is that - crossed out] shown by
(4) the above diagram. 1 and 4 are brother and sister, so are 2 and 3 and
(2) in this tribe a marriage is almost always accompanied by an exchange of a sisterfor
a wife. Thus 1 marries 3 the sister of 2 who marries the sister of 1.
[As - crossed out] In this tribe as in the Murrawari the child takes the

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