I am quite certain that this is the same with
the Moorawari - but the question is what is the rule of
regulation the marriage for instance of Kombu- with Matha?

A diagram like that just explained would be as under
1. Kombu 2. Muri
3. Matha 4. Butha

As the children of #1 and those of his brother (who is not shown in this diagram) are brother + sister
and as the children of 2 + his brother and brother + sister - and as
the same - it is evident that the only line of descent is what
we can search from a rule is that given above - name the
children of a man on the one side + of his sister on the other.

Please to consider this and if you care to take in hand
will may be perhaps a tough problem [I will then suggest what - crossed out]
[seem to be the best plan to follow. In the present I think feel - crossed out]
[that I have set you a task in the above which will - crossed out]
[must quite ?? you in saying that you in ??- crossed out]
then the way I should attack is by Developing a
table of the marriages + descents in the line of which you referred
"Cumbo" in one. The scheme will be seen by the following diagram
which I have drawn out so as to [give the each - crossed out] have an actual
person represented in each individual tabulated - and therefore you
in fact will never become "bogged".
I have over come very tough problems in the Dieri tribe in this manner.

[written in left side of margin]
see back of leaf

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