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Table of the Marriages and Descents
in the Moorawari tribe

1 Kubbi 'Bill Ipai 'Joe' 9
2 Ipatha 'Polly' Kubbitha - Jane 10

3 Kimbo - Tom Murry - Jack 11
4 Matha - Ann Butha - Mary 12

5 Kubbi - Paul 6Kubbitha - Alice 13 Ipai - Peter 14 Ipatha Sarah
7 Ipatha - Mary 8 Ipai - John 15 Kabbitha - Sophie 16 Kubbi - Alex

I have given the same relationships as those in the Dieri
Diagram. The individuals are put down with the sub-class - names,
as they must have been. But I have added fictitous personal
names to identify each. If you would kindly - take 3 + 4 as being
your input "combo & martha", and then add to each number instead of the
fictitious english name, the actual personal name [of each individual -crossed out]
[that to the personal names -crossed out] by which each individual is [known - crossed out] was or is known
Then you will not be in a
your in fact in a "fog".
The questions are as follows:
(1) where did each husband or wife come from - ie. beginning with
where did Kubbi Bill belong to? where was his country? where did
his wife Ipatha Polly come from? How did he get her - was it by betrothal,
or by gift, if so by whom; or did he get her in the same manner as
the Kamilaroi get their wives? (now I must explain that one of the
Southern Kamilaroi, when he had attended a certain round of Boras, had the
right [??] [??] girl, "Ngaia Kulade Kura mula
Yaralla" that is "I myself wife will take (steal) by and bye")

Was Ipatha Polly in any way related to Kubbi Bill? Have they any
term which is like the Dieri noa - indicating those males +
females [who are perm - crossed out] between whom marriage is permissable.

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