Schedule A 48
table shewing the organization of the Kurnai tribe
tribal name Sub tribes Local subdivisions of subtribes obtain wives from give wives to
Kurnai = men
{(a) Mallagoota b c d Twofold Bay
{(b) Dūra c a t c a t
(1) Kroatun {(c) Wurnŭngatti - The largte river e f k e f k t
=East {(d) Brt britta e t b t
{(e) Brūthen b c a k b c f g
{(f) Waiŭng c e g t c e g
Brabra= {(g) Wŭk-wŭk f f
Manly or {(h) Mŭnji - "There!"
belonging to (i) Dairgo
{(k) Kŭtbŭntaura - "having fire" d i e h l d i l
or Burning
Braiaka {(l) Būnjil Nŭllŭng K K
= western {(m) Būnjil Dan e o e o
{(n) Būnjil Kraura i o q i o q
{(o) Kŭt wŭt m m
Brataua {(p) Yau-ŭng n n q
= {(q) Drelin p i t p
Tatūng {(r) Yūnthŭr m m
= South {(s) Ngarawŭt e m q t e m t
{(t) Binnajerra l d e f g l d g

Note In the above the English meanings of the
Subdivisions are not given as the above is only
proforma. But it is always well to give them
as completing the information; as an example
one or two are given above.
The last two columns show the local marriage
rules. Thus a man of Dūra may only obtain a
wife from Wūrnŭngatti, Mallagoota or
Binnajerra - and the daughters of the
Dūra men go to divisions c a t as wives.
The above regulations are however incompletely
ascertained as some of the local divisions of the
tribe have died out. All the divisions of the Meening I suppose
still exist.

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