December 1st 1907

Class Totem
Ipai X Kangaroo = gaalah
KumboGillah =girrah
B- duck = gom-dune-'gull
Scrub turkey = War'-gooh'-gah
Codfish = Girr'ali'yee
Red Snake = Garru = B
diamond lizard = Thrornine
Crawfish = Mao'rar'moo'roo'
tiger snake = Mill'ah'aru gaen
horse fly = Mao'rao'gnine
Mosquito = Boo'roo'ane
Small black ant = Melgiddy
Meat ant = Nar'ah'ree'
water rat = Moog'gee
Terantular [sic]= Moor-fine
Emu = Nooring
Walleroo = Narr'ah'goo
frog = Tharndie
tree frog = Bill'harl
green frog = Burrendigel

1. can you learn
which of the sub-class
Ipai-Kumbo totems
married with the several
Murri-Kubbi / totems?
you have given kangaroo and Iguana
kangaroo and opossum, [iguana - crossed out]
[and Kangaroo - crossed out]
what about all
the other totems ?

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