Letter of 1.12.07

You have asked me to compile
what I could of the social
organisation I think that
"Margoolah" + Boomberah
would come under this
heading. So I will give it
to you as old Ipatha gave
it to me.

"Long time ago black fellows
were like Kangeroo's [sic] and
Iguannas [sic], then " old fellow
black fellow here comes, and
call himself "Birrah-nooloo" [Birral-mooloo -written above]
4 (God) he been watch [watch - written below] Kangeroo [sic]
& saw that some lay at the
[and saw that some lay at the - written below]
foot of the tree while others
[foot of the tree while others- written below]
lay further away in the
[lay further away in the - written below]
shade of the foliage"
[shade of the foliage - crossed out]
the former he called "Boomberah"
[The former he called Boomberrah- written below]
and the latter Margoolah
[and the latter Margoolah- written below]
the same way with the
Iguanna [sic]. One kind of Iguanna [sic]
[one kind Iguana - written below]
will burrow under the
[will burrow under the - crossed out]

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