ground for a great distance
[ground for a great distance - written below]
before coming out - they were
[before coming out - they were - written below]
called Boomberah.
[called Boomberha - written below]
while another kind will
[while another kind will - written below]
burrow under ground but
[burrow under ground but- written below]
can be dug out in close
[can be dug out in close - written below]
proximity to the entrance
[proximity to the entrance- written below]
this is called Margoolah.
[this is called Margoolah- written below]

This is all Ipatha can
tell me of Margoolah &
Boomberah and she does
not seem very well versed
in the other legends that I
wish to compile for you
so I am sending away
for the only living, old
Moorawarri. He is over
250 miles away from here
and may keep me some
time even if he consents to
come. But will continue
sending in any scraps I
can manage to squeeze
out of my blacks. A black

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