womans knowledge is very
[woman's knowledge is very - written above]
limited as regards most of
[limited as regards most of - written above]
the rules.
[the tribes - written above]

I am very pleased to be doing
what I am and if I am
not too gentle ask me anything
you will. Have you read
K Langloh Parker's "Euahlayi Tribe"
Her description of a funeral &
[Her description of a funeral - written above]
Booral seem to be the same
[burial seems to be same - written above]
as here. However I will send
[as here - written above]
you in as soon as I can,
what my tribe have to say
about the riles [sic].

Yours sincerely
May Benson

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This page seems to have been written over other words or the previous page is showing through the scan.


Mrs Katie Langloh Parker, (1904). The Euahlayi Tribe a Study of Aboriginal Life in Australia. Kessinger Publishing 2010.
Digitized and available on internet.