I have two separate sheets
written. the sub classes, their
totems, and the aboriginal

As regards the totems being
divided into sub classes,
I am inclined to think
such is the case, as they
are divided into light and
dark bloods. The light being
"Boomberah" which is thin
and flows freely if cut.
the dark being "Margoolah"
which is thick and if the
person, or animal, is cut
will only drop away from
the wound being too thick
to run out.

Class, Sub class, Totem, sub totem
Merigalle, Ipai Kumbo, Kangeroo [sic], Margoolah

Class Sub class Totem sub class
Pirrahwah Murri Kubbi, Iguanna [sic] Boomberah

[written in left side margin]
I give a form of
the [??] [??]
-the [??] + [??]
are not sub totems but
designation 2 - what [??]
the totems in calling the "totem class"

Has [??] abandoned this
old marriage rule
- the
Blood rules of
marriage must also
be abandoned.

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K.L. parker writes of dark bloods and light bloods rather than here as thick and thin bloods.