I think you will find the
Quamayo correct. I really
should have taken it first
as one dark maid now [underlined] speaks
+ understands it better than
Murowarri, her one tribal tongue.
The former being the chief talk
used by the Queensland blacks
of course us being close to the
border, they mix both, and
one seldom ever hears one
particular dialect spoken, it
is generally very much mixed.
I really cannot say what tongue
is spoken by the Brewarrina blacks
you see we live 98 miles away
from there. One [??] "talk" so
the blacks call them are the
two mentioned; while 35 miles
away from here on the Narran;
Kamilaroi Ulualleri is spoken
While in Queensland at Bendena
on the Nebine 65 miles from here
"Nurragurri" is spoken.
I was in at the blacks
camp early in the week; and
saw a Moree black there he told
me he did not understand our
blacks talk at all.

I am sending in your
Murawarri paper + hope you
will find it fixed up to

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