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The fact of there b^eing two classes, suggested to Dr. Fison and myself
that they must represent an original community, the organisation of which
would be in a generalised form, that shown by each of the two classes
in a specialised form.
principle, apart from exogamy, is group-marriage, regulated by tribal
custom in such [a manner?] that the marriage of those who are held to be
of "too near flesh" is prevented. The present condition of group-marriage
is that due to restrictions, Remove these and also the practice
of betrethat and its consequent tippa-malku marriage and one would be
faced by group-marriage of the widest character. Such one may imagine to
have been the pristine condition of the hypothecital Undivided commune.

In these statements I anticipate the explanations to ^be given in the
Chapter on Marriage and descent.

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