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Tribes of Western Victoria ['and co.....' crossed out]

Under this heading are described tribes
which at one time occupied Western Victoria,
with the exception of ^that part on the left bank of the Murray
River from near [..ault..] to the south
Australian boundary. The tribes located therein
were akin to those of the Darling River -
and not to those which Mr Mathews describes.
[..........] the marriages and the descents
of the offspring, ['showing' crossed out] shows that, at the present
time, these ['marriage' crossed out] rules of marriage and descent
differ materially from those which I found
when I made my investigation nearly
twenty five years ago

['As to' crossed out] Mr Mathews says (p 87), referring to ['the' crossed out]
['tabulature' crossed out] Table III, and the ['upon' crossed out] remarks upon it
"It is needless to add that these facts altogether
[d......] the existence of exogamy among Victorian

This a surprising statement ^which is calculated to
mislead the reader ['unless he knows that' crossed out] because the
larger part of Victoria was occupied by other tribes
of which Mr Mathews takes no notice - and which [......]
(a) [.... ....] an organisation like the Barkinji
of the Darling River [..........] ['(b)' crossed out] (Native Tribes pp 51-52) (b) ['Tribes' crossed out]
organised in two classes with descent in the male line
(N T. pp. 70-72); ['to' crossed out] and (c) the Kurnai tribe of Gippsland
which differed essentially in many points from all the
other Victorian Tribes (N. T pp. ).

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