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Mr Mathews includes the Wongtubon tribe
(p 86) among those which he says [shun?]
a complete absence of exogamy.

This tribe, whose county lay between the
Lachlan and Bogan Rivers and suffer
much for drough, was first brought under
notice by Mr A L P. Cameron in his ['paper' crossed out]
"Notes on some tribes of New south wales (1)

He therein pointed out that the marriage arrangements
were different from those of the Kamilaroi with
which he was well acquainted, that he suspected a
mistake. However upon further investigation he worked
out the full system of marriage and descents for me
which I have given in my "Native Tribes" pp. 214-216).

In the table of marriage there are sixteen "normal"
and twenty, of what I have termed, "anomalous
marriages". Fortunately Mr Cameron has recorded
the explanation of ['these' crossed out] the latter group by the native
informants. I repet that the wording of the
explanation is obscure and calculated to [m.....]
the reader.

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(1) [I....]
[Anthrop. ...]

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