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There are now only nine adults and five children
the survivors of a ['first' crossed out]

populous & fierce tribe ^of the Wumbaw who ['which' crossed out] in 1800? contested
the passage of Captain Short ^down the Murray River at the [Juncture?] of the Darling
['and the Murray Rivers' crossed out] with it.

In Victoria colonisation first commenced when
Batman and Faulkner crossed Bass Strait from
Tasmania ^in 1835 and settled in the bank of the Yana River
where Melbourne was situated.

Mr. Mathews deals only with the tribes of
Western ['Aus' crossed out] Victoria and I restrict my remarks to that
district, an area of some square miles.

['In the' crossed out] Western Victoria was occupied by white
men for pastoral purposes in the year 1837-46. In the
year ^1853 Captain [Foster Fyans?] was the Commissioner of
[trun?] land ['estimated' crossed out] in a letter to Governor Latribe ['estimated' crossed out]
^['says that' crossed out] said "I am convinced that the number of aborigines ['in the district' crossed out] in 1837 in this district
could not exceed 3.000, and I feel thoroughly convinced
the race will be extinct in 20 years or less.

I do not know what the number of
aborigines ['may be' crossed out] belonging to the Western Victoria now is
but ['to' crossed out] the total aboriginal population of Victoria was
[not?] 271 including 81 halfcasts ['in' crossed out] on 20 June 1907.

In that part of [I.....d] ^south of [Lat...] which is within the bounds
which I have indicated in my Native Tribes as the "South
East" quarter of Australia, ['many' crossed out] there was at one time
a large aboriginal population. According to the earliest
reliable statistics there were 200.000 aborigines in the whole
of Queensland, ['and now' crossed out] reduced to 25.000 in 1901. There
were 8.000 within 50 miles of Brisbane, now reduced to
very few, and 3.000 on Frazer's Island. In 1901
there were only 3.600 south of lat[itude] 22 degrees, exclusive of 350
['there' crossed out] upon the "reserves" at [Deeling Auk, Duerunder] and
Frazers Island (1)

[Left margin:]
Letters from [Kitu?]
[Punees?] -
p 124

(1) [I....]
1901 - p. p.

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