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['3' crossed out] 23

All the authorities, who have written on this
subject, agree that the extinction of the Native tribes
must be attributed to causes which ['came' crossed out] arose with the
advent of the white man. Principally due to the
[a.....d] vice of ['drunk' crossed out] intoxication, diseases introduced,
& the change in their mode of life, conflicts
between them and the white setlers and their cattle
men and shepherds. To this may be added from
[I.....d] the "dispersion" of tribes that became
dangerous to the settlers by the "native mounted police",
a force established [in?] the [......] and [officers of?]
white men, and the use of opium learned from [Cl....]
employed on the stations.

It may seem to be strange that the endeavors
made by the several governments of the Australian
Colonies to recue the aborigines from extinction
['have' crossed out] should not have been successful. But
the evidence which is to be found in work written
in ['the' crossed out] past years, recorded in Parliament
papers and reports of the Missionaries show clearly
that it is not possible to ['convert the' crossed out] raise savage
heathens living in the "stone age" to the level
of culture of the intruding white men, ['even' crossed out]
in one generation or perhaps even in several.

The half castes may survive but to all
appearance the "purebloods" as they are termed in
some reports appear to be doomed to extinction.

The gap between the two races is too wide,
and in my opinion it is no more possible
to convert the Australian aborigine straight [...]
into ['the' crossed out] ^the equal of a civilized ['man of' crossed out] white man, than to
train a young dingo to be a sheep dog of
high caste and inherited [model pureness?].