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tell him that he wd certainly
get ill & die if he dared to eat

NB Bourne's Journal was
published by Dwight. Melbourne

The same vol. of [Pamphlet contains?]
Bruwick's Wild White Man. I
do not trouble to read it. It is
only a compilation, & Bruwick
ia an ass.

ibid. Morrill's "Sketch of a Residence
among the Aboriginals of Northern
Queensland for 17 years" a
pamphlet printed at the Courier
Office, George St. Queensland -
(no town [grocers?])

p. 9. The natives saw a number
of falling stars in the direction of
the rocks where Morrill & his ship-
-wrecked companions were. "They
appeared to have a supersitition as
to falling stars. They think they
point out the direction of a hostile

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