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['Tell him that he wd certainly get' crossed out]
['ill or die if he dared eat it' crossed out]
were able to care for themselves
respected the captain's wife, so far
as to have her without molestation.
& manifested strong feeling when
Morrill left them. He mentions
what seemes to have been the
wanton shooting of a number of
blacks by the advancing squatters

p. 17 ['When' crossed out] The blacks among [? ?]
[? lived?] "are not black, they are more
of the color of halfcastes. When
born they are nearly white, but
when they are 3 days old their mothers
squeeze their own milk over them
& rub charcoal into their skin
to make them black & shine."

I have seen a child sucking
at the breast with its next brother
or sister.

The women have very few child
-ren, seldom exceeding 4, & very
seldom more than one at a time

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