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pieces through the tribe, thinking
they will have their enemies' strength
added to their own, & that they will
be lucky in hunting & fishing

p. 20. The different animals are
arranged according to the size of
their feet, hence sheep have the
same name as their wallabies
(cargoon) x x

The moon (werboon burra) is a
human being like themselves, &
comes down to earth. They some
times meet it in their fishing
excursions. They say one tribe
throws it up & it gradually rises
& then comes down again when
another tribe catches it to save
it from hurting itself.

(* There are other beliefs followed
by a vocabulary. The acct of the
Bora is very meagre, but there
are interesting particulars. If you
have not the pamphlet, I will
make a verbatim copy of this

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