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& in a few minutes the body was
disembowelled x x The bowels &
entire viscera having been disen-
gaged from the body, were at first
portioned out: but, from the impatience
of some of the women to get at the
liver, a general scramble took
place for it, & it was snatched
in pieces, & without the slightest
process of cooking was devoured
with an eagerness & avidity, a
keen fiendish expression of impatience
for more, from which scene a
[?] too tenacious on this
subject will not allow me to escape.
The Kidneys & heart were in like
manner immediately consumed; &
as a climax to these revolting orgies,
when the whole viscera were removed,
a quantity of blood & serum
wh. had collected in the cavity
of the chest, was eagerly collected
in handsful, & drunk by the old
man who dissected the body. The
flesh was entirely cut off the
ribs & back, the arms & legs were

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