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Comes back so exactly the same spot
thus the thrower must step aside to
avoid dangerous wound. [I thought
this was contradicted by fact.]

Always made of acacias.

Hence Perth natives, & coast tribes in
general don't use the B. much, [symbol] the
acacia does not flourish near the

N. B. natives take large numbers of
B's to Perth to exchange for red ochre.

4. Unda - shield lighs, 3 or 4 ft long
large de trois pouces widening to 3
more in the middle. Ornamented
with parallel lines, painted white &
red alternately.

5. Douac. Missile club. 2 ft long
sur quatre pouces de [..confinance?].

b. Coccio. Stone hatchet - two
stones - one for hammer, the other
for cutting. [Stones?] d'un granit tres
dur et de couleur grise -

7. [Mangart?] = Wooden knife. 6 in long
rendu tranchant par une serie de [fu.its?]

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