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Page 70. line 19. Some idea of this kind exists in
these tribes. In the Arunta there are very explicit
traditions according to which men + women come
made out of imperfectly shaped human beings
by particular men. The earliest tradition
relates to two beings called 'Ungambikula' which
means 'made out of nothing' or 'self-existing' and
who lived in the Western sky. They came down
to earth + by means of cutting the limbs of the
imperfect human beings free, slitting the mouth +
nostrils + eyes open etc they made men + women.
At a later time ancestral men of the 'little-hawk'
totem continued the work of making men +
women. There is no missionary idea in
this. Perhaps in your foot note it might be
advisable to refer to the above fact as the two
traditions are at once so similar in principle + different
in detail that they serve at least to show the fact
that there is no necessary missionary influence at work.
There is precisely the same secrecy +
mystery attached to these traditions in the Arunta as
in your tribes.

Page 71. line 10. ? advisability of use of word 'heaven'. This
suggests at once a Missionary. Would not 'region' be
better or some word which is not used in connection
with the white man's religion.

71 line 13. Would not this read better thus
"Mancin gurak (?) whether in or [...]) seems to have had a son named
Sarsomitch who carried etc"

71 line 19. Should not Wotio (last word on line) be
written in full Wotioballuk? same applies p 74 line 14.
and other places.

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