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page 32 line 30. Explanation of stiring water with
stick. Is it not possible that instead of
the meaning being that weapons will 'never' be
used against them the idea was that they would
be friends so long as that particular water
or ford given to them remained in them. Hence
when it was no longer in them + they had gone
away there would be no perjury in using
weapons. Mr J. G. Frazer was enquiring whether
we had any customs of this kind in Australia
+ this looks like one of them perhaps Mr Howitt
may know of other similar ones.

Wot, obaluk Legends.
page 34. line 7. Tarantula will have to be in
citation marks as it is not the real Tarantula
but an Australian species to which
the name has been given from a fancied
resemblance to the Italian Tarantula. This is
of course on the supposition that a spider is
referred to. Our Australian form is a species
of the genus Voconia.

page 37 line 29. ? would not 'nothing' sound more
blackfellowish than 'nought'.

39 line 33. Has Muck bili no English name.

40 line 24. Ought not 'crouching behind a bough' to
follow the words "to the place where his brother

Iuru and the Sky Anellers.

page 42. line 7. Manna or germ trees (E. rostrata at all
events) is the white glutinous secretion of what is called
the Lerp insect. Dr Thomas Dobson of Tasmania
identified the insect as Psylla encalypti. The manna
forms a seale-like covering for the larva + is a favorite food
of the natives.