[Notes on songs & Song makers of some Australian Tribes.- crossed out]

[By A. W. Howitt,- crossed out]

The songs and dances of the australian aborigines are usually
spoken of by our own people as "cooroborees", and this word is
[to any of their social gatherings- crossed out]
also even frequently applied to any of their social gatherings.
This application is, however, not correct, for the songs,
the songs and dances, and the assemblies for social or other
purposes have each their own distinctive name. The word "corro
boree" [has been adopted by the settlers - crossed out] was probably derived from some tribal
dialect in the early settled districts, [probably - crossed out] of New South
, and has been carried by them all over Australia. It
may now [even - crossed out] be regarded as an addition engrafted upon Engli
sh language.

The word "corroboree" probably meant originally both the song
and the dance which accompanied it, as it is the meaning of the
word "gunyeru" in the Kurnai language. In these notes I purpose [sic]
to speak of some of the songs which I have become acquainted
with belonging to the Wioworung tribe of the Yarra River, the
Kurnaiof Gippsland, and their eastern neighbours the Murring.
The songs are very numerous, and of varied characyer [sic], and are
connected with almost every part of the social life, for there
is but little of the of the Australian savage, either in peace
or war, which is not in some measure connected with song.
Some songs are only used as dance music; some are descriptive
of events which have struck the composer; some are comic or
pathetic. There is also an extensive class of songs or chants
connected with the practice of magic, and of these many are
what may be called "incantations" _ words of power chanted in
the belief that supernatural influence is not asked but compelled
by them - influence for evil or for warding off evil.

There are also [Connected with this class are- crossed out] songs which are used at the Initia
tions, and which are therefore not known to the uninitiated
or to the women. [A very large collection of songs might be made - crossed out]
[which would have much interest. For the present I must content - crossed out]
[myself with giving a few examples which I have gathered - crossed out]

To English ears, unaccustomed to the simple and somewhat

[written in left side margin]

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