runs thus:-,
mula-mule Kuruitba tariarara
Guialtura nanga ebermeranga.

Note ) Mula-mule - platypus, Kuruitba - large rock, tariarara-
bend of river.

The singer said that the words spoke of a platypus sitting on a
rock in the river, and that the song came to his tribe from the
[Richmond River- crossed out]. Whether this statement is well-founded I cannot
say, but the man spoke with certainty and apparent candour.

at p 4 Bards
In the Yuin tribe.
[men who composed corroboree songs were- crossed out]
[called - crossed out] Some men obtained their songs
in dreams. Some when [walking- crossed out] waking. Of the latter is
Merriman who composes his songs mostly when
in his boat tossing on the waves (see p. )
Some men make “social songs” - some "corrobboree dance
songs" - some compose songs for Initiations
– but many songs of all kinds have either been
handed down from time immemorial or brought from
a distance.

It was Biral who [first - crossed out] inspires their makers
of corrobboree songs.
H E Aldridge [??] legends

The Medicine men who makes songs ([Bards- crossed out])
either obtain them when they go under ground or
when they go up in the air. But there are
other men (Bards) who make songs when in the
Thos Petrie

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