B following A

[As to Wenberi's song I my- crossed out]
Wenberi's song as given by Dr. Torrance differs slightly from
a it as I wrote down from Berak some
time before, which with its translation [of which - crossed out] runs as follows.

"Nge tuigar ngala ngibenba ngalunga
we go all the bones to all of them

dindirnding nga Dullen wilnit
shining white in this Dullen country

warreindung Bunjil mamen-ngata yerrini
The rushing noise of Bunjil father ours singing

thulurm eik nga wurugaluk eik
in breast mine this inside mine

Berak said that this song was made on the death of Wenberi's
brother who died through evil magic in the Dullen country
beyond Geelong. (The corroboree song?)

used to go out a mile or more from the coast in their bark canoe
to spear fish.

As an example of his songs, I give one which he composed when
going down the coast in his boat to attend the Kuringal [initiation - crossed out] cere
monies which I have described in chapter - [a previous paper- crossed out]
[Note "Australian Ceremonies of Initiation" "Journ. Anthrop.- crossed out]
[Inst", May, 1884- crossed out]

He sang the song in the evening, sitting by his camp fire and beating
time with two short sticks, while an appreciative and admi
ring audience stood round.

Umbara's Song

Galagala binja buninga ngali
Capsizing me striking me

winbelow jena ngarauan udja
(the) wind blows hard (the) sea long stretched

kandubai buninga melinthi buninga
between striking hard hitting striking

ngali mulari binja buninga
me dashing up me striking

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