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In examining the first table one sees that the terms may
be arranged in two groups, one with a single term for all the
relationships tabulated, and the other with one for husband and
another for wife, as I ['now use' crossed out] define these ['terms' crossed out] words.

The first group includes the Dieri, Urabunna and [Kurnands...],
who have group-marriage, and the Arunta and Walhi-Walhi
who have ['not' 'individual marriage' crossed out]. The second includes all the other tribes, who have
individual marriage.

['It is certainly significant that' crossed out] The Walhi Walhi, ['who' crossed out] belong
to a ['large but' crossed out] group of nations whose north western tribes are
adjacent to the Dieri and Yantreewunta. It is ['certainly' crossed out]
significant that the Walhi Walhi who have advanced from
group-marriage to individual marriage ['and yet' crossed out] should still
retain a marital term ^nopai which appears to be the same as the
Neri noa and the Urabunna nupa.

['It is a striking feature that' crossed out] The [Bu...ya] which,
as Professor Spencer tells me, is ['one' crossed out] the most advanced of the northern
tribes, ['the Walhi' crossed out] and all the tribes of the ^above included second group ['it should' crossed out]
['have a' crossed out] made a distinction in their marital term [between?]
husband and wife. That they have two such terms, which ^[could represent?] ['are equal in' crossed out]
meaning to the Dieri ['noa ([sp...ed])' crossed out] marital term noa, indicates a change which
may reasonably ['any' crossed out] be attributed to the ['change from group marriage to' crossed out] establishment of
individual marriage. ['If so it' crossed out] That would indicate ['the' crossed out] a further restriction
of the ['noa marriages marriage rule' crossed out] [in....ate] noa right, which ['as demonstrated by the' crossed out]
['pirrauru' crossed out] had been ['pirrauru' crossed out] already restricted by ['the' crossed out] pirrauru marriage.

['I have long ago expressed an opinion that' crossed out]

Reviewing all ['that I have [now?] said' crossed out] the evidence before me, I have no
hesitation in maintaining that ['the Australian tribes of [....]' crossed out]
['South East Australia, in which there is now individual' crossed out]
['marriage' crossed out] were at the time in the status of group marriage
in which the Dieri and other tribes still are, and that the
terms of relationship which [I?] use are [vestigially?] survival.

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