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Note on the Australian class system

p 2. May. 1883

The two intermarrying classes
xx presuppose an original whole
ie an individual commune.

Australian Group relations
Smithsonian Reports 1883

p 9.

Two Kinds of Marriage:
(a) two individuals allotted [premaritaly?]
often in [cabin?] youth by their parents
(b) a man and a woman allotted
to each other as "accessory spouses".
each may stand in same relation to other
individuals of opposite [sides?]
[These are?] pirrauru - and are
allotted by Great Council.

Mr [.....] says
(1) Each Dieri man or woman
is the pirrauru of some other Dieri
woman or man.-
(2)- [.....] between different local group
or tribe
(3) - not with certain relatives
nor in the same totem
(6) a man or woman being
pirrauru - may [acquire?]
[several?] pirraurus.
(7) [Lemont?] regulate temporary
right to a pirrauru

xx a number of men belonging
to one class married collectively
to a number of women of the
other class = group marriage
which when the two classes meet xxx
becomes "regulated communal
intercourse between the sexes

p 11.

Here then in a modified form
xxx I have called the
[D.....] commune

See K + K as to this

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