Merriman is at the Aboriginal Station at Tilba Tilba - Waloga Lake.
Larry says that the Kurnai had certain animals, birds, fish&ct
which were called the Thundun that is elder brothers.

His father when Larry was a small boy, say eight years of age
pointing to a small birk [sic] which frequents the shores, "that is your
budjan, do not hurt it. He has never injured one, nor would he eat
it, and would be very sorry if any one did so in his presence. This
bird is called the Blit-burring.

Larry belongs to the Malagoota Krauatun Kurnai, who are also
claimed by the Yuin, as of their tribe. The
term Budjan is a Yuin word but is the same as the Kurnai term
Thundun, as being the "totem".

Billy the Bull is a yalmerai (shark). When there are too many
about the Lakes entrance he sends them away by singing to them. He
belongs to Lake Bunga.

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J Gibson

See SLV box 1053/4/b for a notebook which contains similar information.