Borun the Pelican
Borun the Pelican took a canoe from Lake
and went outside to Yiruk because all
the people from the low country and the mountains
wanted to go there to feast on jiak (meat-food
eg. fish and game). They had come to Borun and
asked him to get a canoe and take them there.
Then Borun did as they wished and took them
all to an island in the great waring (sea)
outside of the shore Yiruk but in sight of it. There they
camped for the night. In the morning he took
all the men across to the land first but
said there was not enough room for [the- crossed out] a woman
whom he left behind. When he came back and
took her into the canoe she broke the bottom out
as they were going round the end of the island
and said "There you broke the canoe with carrying
so many people in it at once." The canoe
leaked so much that he had to land to mend it
and camped there for the night. In the morning while
he was mending his canoe the woman cut her
hair off and fastened it to a piece of wood by the fire
as if she were asleep there. Then she went into the
waring (sea) and swam to Yiruk where the
others were. When Borun landed by himself
at Yiruk he had to fight with all the men
for having run off with the woman.

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