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A messenger was called Gūnū milli and a messenge Mabun
He might be any one chosen by the old men or the

A messenger who merely carried a verbal [friendly greeting- crossed out] message
from some person to another would probably also
carry with it a ball made of strips of opossum
pelt rolled tightly together, as a friendly token from
the sender.

[The messenger was some one selected by the old men - crossed out]
[or old men. He was of pemb chosen specially for - crossed out] A man was chosen [for the office of- crossed out] as messenger
[the reason that if he- crossed out] for tribal matters who had relatives at the place to which
he was to go.(1) If the message related to a meeting for
corroboree he carried a Kilt (Bŭran) a Headband
[Birkumba - crossed out] (Ngūnūmila) and a nosepeg (elūngantū).
If [in respect of war - crossed out] the message related to an expiatory fight he
carried a shield for spear fighting (Birkūmba) [and - crossed out] but if [he take-crossed out]
[message - crossed out] it was to call a [part - crossed out] war party together he
carried a Jag spear (Jerŭmbŭdi). [For - crossed out]
In relation to the Initiations Kuringal (or) (Būnan) he
carried the [Mu - crosse out] Bullroarer (Mūdji)
and also a spear, boomerang and shield.
[The following will serve as an example of how these messages - crossed out]
[are sent were sent in old times for a long- crossed out]
[distance between the tribes. Mr A MacKeachie of - crossed out]
[Delegate when travelling in 1840 on the Upper Snowy- crossed out]
(1). The man who acted as [my - crossed out] messenger [for the - crossed out] between myself and
the Murring [in the matter of as to- crossed out] about the holding of their Initiation ceremony (see p. )
was one of the Snowy River Clan of the Kurnai tribes but his mother
was a [of the Wolgal tribe of Maneroo and - crossed out] Ngarego woman He was then [so to say - crossed out]
free of her tribe, and [He was - crossed out] was the recognized means of communication
between [this tri- crossed out] his the Kurnai + Ngarego [tribe + his mother's tribe and- crossed out]. He spent [about as much time- crossed out]
[at one place- crossed out] his time mostly between the two places and had thereby
become known as the [coast -crossed out] Murring of the Coast.

[written in left hand margin]
see foot


[the - crossed out]
[the one used for - crossed out]
[direct fighting]

A messenger carrying tidings
of the death of some
person had his face
painted with a streak of white
from each eye down to the
lower jaw. (2).


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