that the [Dade?]
the sky like a vault [rests?]
is clear. The [Malthe-malthu?] [legend?] p -) sects
the [Mirra muira?] -, having killed a kangaroo
stretched out its skin as the [vault?] of the sky, having first [pinned?]
the edges in the ground, and having found the [?] [?] satisfied and a
new [?] when came after us can walk about without [?].

Chapter 8 Beliefs
$1. The Universe, The earth, sky, sun, moon, stars [xct?]
$2 The human spirit, ghost [xct?]
$3 The whiteman as a ghost
$4 Burial practices
$5 The sky-country,it's inhabitants [xct?] (a) ghosts (b) supernatural beings
$6 The tribal All-father
[Line crossed out]
S1 The Universe
There seems to be a widespread belief that the earth is a flat
surface, surmounted by the solid vault of the sky.
[1 1/2 lines crossed out]
The [Ūri-ūlū?] [Good?] (?) tells him after the
holding of the [Wilyarū?] ceremony they went on their wanderings, and finally
what may briefly termed a
beyond the mountains passed through what may briefly termed a "hard darkness" into another
country, whence looking back they recognised what they had passed
through was the edge of the sky. The [Kapiri?] legend (p - ) shows this
(Here other evidence from [?] [?]).

Left hand margin and to be inserted here: the earth is supported
the [?] [nature?]
the [maia nusea?] - ?
having [se?] its bounds
to the north which is wandering
(There [A djaitum?] [?]

A [Wotjoballuk?] legend runs that at first the sky rested on the
earth and prevented the sun from moving, until [Gorŭk?], the magpie
( ), propped it up with a long stick, so that the sun could
move and so since then she(2) has gone round and round.


that the earth is flat, and the [Jajaurung?] that the earth is flat and
was in darkness until the sun was made by [Pupperinbuk?], who was one of the
race who inhabited the earth at that time, and whom they called the
[Nurrumbung-utt?] [?] 2. (see p ).

The [Worworŭng?] also believe ["that the flat earth" to be inserted here]
that the sky was propped up with
poles where it rested on the mountains in the north-east.

Before the "whitemen came to Melbourne", a message
was passed from tribe to tribe, that the props were becoming rotten
and that unless tomahawks were at once sent up to cut new ones the
sky would fall, and [burat?] and all the people would be drowned. (4)

This same belief is mentioned by Buckley/William Buckley, but in a different
form, namely that the earth was supported by props, which were in the
"charge of a man who lived at the end of the earth" (5).

A similar message which the [wimera?], having been passed down
the River Murray, from tribe to tribe. It was [?] the props which suppor-
ted the earth were rotten and unless tomahawks were sent,
to cut fresh ones, the earth would fall down and every one would be killed (4)
(I) The life and adventures of William Buckley by John Morgan
Hobart 1852

(2) The [?] a [wimare?] - fee for. (3) [?] p 201 (4) [?]
(5) J Shaw

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