Another tribe [Dieri?] the sun came up out of a hole too
see (2).


There was connected with the Kulin belief in a flat earth, of limited
extent, another belief . They thought that when the sun
disappeared in the west, it went into place which they called
[Ngámt?], which has been described to me as like a hole out of which
a large tree has been burned by a bushfire.

A legend in one of the tribes near Maryborough in Queens
also tells of a hole into which the sun retired at night.
It says that when [Biral?] (p -) had placed the blackfellows on the primitive
earth " which was like a great sandbank", they asked him where they
should get warmth in the day, and fire in the night. He said that if
they went in a certain direction they would find the sun, and by
knocking a piece off it they could get fire. Going far in that
direction they found that the sun came out of a hole in the morn
ing and went into another at night. Then rushing after the sun they
knocked a piece off it and thus obtained fire.

Beyond the sky there is another country, which for shortness
I call the sky-country. This is indicated in one of the Dieri legends.
It tells how warm the [Māra-māra?] [ankūritchya?] listened with his
ear upturnd to the sky, [Anawotya?] "who lives in the sky" let down
a long [hair-?] and by it drew up to himself all those who were
with kin down below. (p ).

The [Wotjoballuk?] had a legend of a pine tree (1), which
extended up through the sky, [?] [wŭrrn-nŭr?], to the palce
beyond which is the [abode?] of "[morn-gorak?]" (2). The people of that
time [ser?nded?] by the tree went to gather manna (3) , which implies [that?]
[strips ?] [?] [?] such as the Eucalypt which in the [?]
ballak country [?] the [acquired?] manna.

The [Womarun?] [?] [?] sky-country, which they called
(I) Callitris [?] R. Br.
(2). [Cannot read line] [some [?] rare]

{left hand margin notes]
{{Dieri]] & [Tererk?]
and their [?] (p -)
accounting for
the fossil ----
found at ------
and counts them [?] [?]
and tell tht the only [?]
in them put Buckley's/William Buckley [?]
down which [?] [?]
climber for the [?] [?] 9[?])
to the earth

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