The Wolgal were very particular in burying every thing
relating to a dead man with him, spears and nets were included, even in
one case a canoe, was broken up and put in the grave. Everything belonging
to a dead person was put out of sight.
The Ngarigo tied a dead man up tightly, the hands placed on
either side of his face open, and his knees drawn up to the head. The grave
was made like a well, sometimes with a side chamber. In other cases the
grave was made in a bank by digging out a chamber in it. In this tribe
also everything belonging to the deceased was buried with him.
A good instance came under my nose, where one of the Ngarigo died
at the Snowy River. [A round hold was dug with a side chamber. The body -crossed out] One of the men who were present told me about
[was naked and tied tightly in his opossum rug, in the manner described.- crossed out] and his account was afterwards verified by another of the men
His account was as follows.

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