[The north- crossed out] These beliefs extended to the Wolgal who to
the north [joined to- crossed out] adjoined the Wiradjuri in where Bimbery

[Still further out to the northward and from- crossed out] of the
[crossed out - ceremony in which Daramubau is the "great ]
[crossed out - "Biamban" or "great master", (p) there is the entirely]

ceremonies there is the analogous belief in Baiame.
The Bora ceremonies on the teachings as Baiame extend [to the ?? of NSW ?? - crossed out] South Queensland border

I have found some traces of the same belief
still further away [out- crossed out], but my informants know no more than
their black boys, [crossed out - would be able] to tell to [crossed out - an outsider].
[line illegible]

With the Chepara (p - ) it was "the supernatural
being Maamba who was supposed to be in the
Medicine man Bugerum at the Bora", this
being preciselt that which would be said of a
medicine man excited to frenzy by the magical
dance at the Bunan or Karingal.

In the Maryborough tribe (Queensland) [crossed out - the] a
legend attributed to Biral the formation of the
whole earth in which he planted trees and these
placed the blacks. Biral appears [??] home
in an island further to the north, to which the
blackfellow after death [??] [??] under ground,
and where there was feasting and dancing.

And time at (1)

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